Based in Louisville, Kentucky, we are one of the areas only retailer of LED footwear. We offer a large selection of styles to choose from.
Since the early 90’s light up shoes have always been popular with adults and kids. Shoes that light up on the bottom were known as LED sneakers. Fast forward a decade and led shoes have made a comeback and are available for men, women, and kids.

Our LED shoes light up in 7 different colors including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and white. They are simulation LED shoes in that you can turn them on and off and change between solid and multi color modes. Whether you are going to a concert, party, or a night out on the town these will be sure to turn heads. Check out our different styles of LED shoes for adults.
Each shoe comes with an 11 function, 7 color LED sole. The shoes also come with a free USB charging cord. Once fully charged each shoe has about 6 hours of continuous operation.